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Since Envirosun solar water heaters require the sun to heat water, you may be wondering if they can provide you with hot water at night. The answer: Yes, they can!

Yes, in winter, the Envirosun solar water heater works well because of efficient insulation. When the temperature remains cold during winters, radiator fluid technology gets used in solar water heaters. You get hot water all the time, even in freezing weather.

No electricity is required for any operation in Envirsosun solar water heating systems. However, if a backup heater is provided to take care of hot water requirements during cloudy days, electricity will be required.

Envirosun solar water heaters can operate in any climate. Performance varies depending, in part, on how much solar energy is available at the site but also on how cold the water coming into the system is. Only during the rainy season will you need a conventional backup system (Electric).

Solar energy systems require periodic inspections and routine maintenance to operate efficiently. Also, from time to time, components may need repair or replacement. You should also take steps to prevent scaling, corrosion, and freezing.

One of the primary reasons Envirosun solar panels have great outweigh any other form of energy is that when it comes to heating water is the efficiency they bring to us. Efficiency here means the solar panels convert almost up to 80% radiation into heat energy without using any external fuels.

If you install Envirosun solar water heater, your water heating bills should drop 50%–80%. Also, you're protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes because the sun is free. If you're building a new home or refinancing, the economics are even more attractive.