Our Beginning

Our Beginning


Envirosun started as a business nearly two decades ago. After a fifteen-year apprenticeship learning from the industry’s best we decided it was time to make our own mark. Taking advantage of the rapid and widespread growth here in Australia of the solar water heater industry and also world-wide, we identified an opportunity for a new business model. Following the lead set by the automotive industry , we set about tapping into the output of the biggest and best international solar products and hot water system manufacturing companies.

Envirosun supports Australian manufacturing and always will when this provides the best quality and latest technology in energy efficient solar and heat pump hot water systems that suit our climate and demands
Forming alliances with the premier solar hot water and specialist heat pump companies located in countries as diverse as Holland, Australia, Germany, Italy and the best from China, focusing on designing the best and most appropriate systems – and only directly manufacturing those items and components that could not be better sourced elsewhere, we’ve designed a range of solar hot water and heat pump systems suited to Australia’s environmental conditions and provide the longest life expectancy with the highest efficiency. Using this as our business plan this gives us the opportunity to move with the market as better products and components become available, not tied to using the products made in outdated hot water manufacturing plants. We have the ability to move quickly with the times to provide Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands with the best range of up to date solar and heat pump hot water systems.

Envirosun TS System Brochure

Envirosun AS System Brochure

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